Saturday, 18 March 2017

This Rough Magic - A Tempestuous Happening at the Brighton Millenium

Polly Wiseman and Anton Binder


From 1995 - 2001 I was artistic director alongside Polly Wiseman of Fireraisers Theatre Company. In August 2000 Fireraisers produced an amazing epic show on Brighton beach. Part site specific performance, part shamanic chaos magick ritual, part situationist prank. It was designed to inaugurate the millenium for Brighton. Here, at long last, is the restored video of that unique night. It begins with the construction of the beach set, sped up to show the ingenuity of the concept. There follows a record of the once in a lifetime production which features helicopter sky divers, shipwrecked mariners, a pagan wedding attended by spirits of earth and fire, mermaids and Rock n Roll devil dogs. This is followed by a 'making of' documentary that spills the backstage beans on this extraordinary event.
Anton x

Our patron, Sir Richard Attenborough.

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