Friday, 3 February 2017

But... That's Impossible! - Episode 1: Is There Anybody There?

knights of chaos

At last! Here is Episode 1 of But... That's Impossible! A podcast following the threads of the peculiar wherever they show through. Available on PodBean to stream and download.

Brought to you by Amy and Anton. We discuss science and magick and the apocalypse, with a neat biography of rocket scientist and occultist Jack Parsons and a (suitably) chaotic meander on and away from the chaos magician Peter J. Carroll. We consider a meet and greet with Aleister Crowley at the North Pole. UFO's flown by fairies, rocketry, the ascension of dolls, the manifesto of the anti-christ, occult objects which may or may not be buried in moondust, a bar-mitzvah to call the worm, and the octopodes of Vatican City. But... That's Impossible!

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